Air Balancing

Do you know what Air Balancing is?

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Air Balancing is the art of equally distributing ductwork airflow by the use of dampers and airflow measurements.

Are there cold or hot spots in your home? If the answer is “yes,” your home’s HVAC system probably needs to be balanced.

To properly balance airflow in your home, a Keller’s Best AC & Heater Repairs HVAC technician will execute the following:

  • Calculate every one of the room’s airflow requirements and adjusts airflow accordingly. This typically requires the installation of adjustable balancing dampers, as adjustments should be made at the blower rather than the ceiling vent.
  • Install extra ductwork or repair existing, since dampers alone cannot correct the problem. Deficiencies in a home or building’s ductwork need to be fixed so that the system will be balanced.
  • Set up or install a special kind of grill to balance your system, if you have a two-story home and/or unreachable ductwork.

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Challenging Ductwork

  • If you are feeling hot or cold spots in your home it could as well be a direct result of duct problems, and your ductwork might need to be repaired or replaced. Replacing and/or repairing broken ductwork could considerably lower heating and cooling costs, as well as promote more comfy and stable temperatures all over your home.

    Every single HVAC system can be balanced!

    To schedule a complete Energy Efficiency Assessment of your home or building, call Keller Best AC & Heater Repair by Abundant Air now! 

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