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Does your AC take longer to cool your home than it is used to? Or Are there hot or cold spots in your home?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” it might be a direct result of duct problems, and your ductwork may possibly need to be replaced or repaired. Replacing and/or repairing broken ductwork can considerably lower heating and cooling cost, as well as promote more comfortable and consistent temperatures all over your home.

What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is alike a straw; it carries air from one point to another (for example, from the AC blower to the inside of your home). Ductwork is normally made of pre-insulated fiberglass solid duct board or flexible plastic, but could also be made of metal sheet ductwork (a pipe made out of sheet metal) that is insulated after it is installed.

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Keller Best AC & Heater Repair will as well complete an air balance check. The majority of customer calls we receive are because a certain area of the home is either too cool or warm, which suggests a need to properly balance the airflow all over your home. This is achieved by setting up dampers, making adjustments, and using advanced equipment (such as a bolometer or airflow meter) to measure airflow velocity in the affected area.

Common ductwork problems

  • Aging ductwork could begin to fall apart. Depending on the kind of ductwork in your home, over time in general 10 or more years, the outer liner starts to break down and the insulation falls off. If this occurs in an over 100-degree attic, the air temperature could be 10-15 degrees hotter by the time it enters the home, causing an increased home cooling cost of 40-60%. To solve this issue, all broken and damaged ductwork must be replaced.
  • Air duct leaks, which take place when old duct sealant begins to break down or if the installing contractor did not properly seal the ductwork.
  • Rodents, such as rats and squirrels, will as well damage ductwork in the hunt for a cool nest in the Texas heat. You might want to check your attic if you’ve had a previous rodent problem.

Keller Best AC & Heater Repair by Abundant Air will complete an in-depth inspection of the ductwork in your home, to determine the level of repairs needed. Ductwork inspection is 90% visual but, in some circumstances, an infrared camera is used to completely inspect difficult to see areas of ductwork.

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