You probably don’t think about your HVAC system unless it has stopped working and requires repairs. When the economy slows, you might not think about investing in a new HVAC system. However, upgrading your heating and air conditioning system has many advantages. the reduction of your energy costs and thus savings. We’ve put together a number of ways you can save money by upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling system.


Over time, your HVAC system tends to lose efficiency. An inefficient system uses more energy to cool or heat your home. This leads to enormous energy costs. Investing in a new, modern HVAC system can be expensive, but it can save you money in the future.

New air conditioners are identified by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher the SEER value, the higher the system efficiency. An upgraded air conditioner with a high SEER rating can help you keep your energy bills reasonable.

Another benefit of improved systems is the ability to set up zones. A zone system allows you to keep some areas cooler or warmer than others. This is great if you have parts that aren’t used regularly. Why waste energy to heat the guest room that is only used a few times a year?


As your air conditioner ages, it is bound to break down, no matter how well maintained it is. Repairs may seem cheap at first glance. But those bills add up and could cost you more in the long run than upgrading your entire unit. As with other household appliances, having frequent repairs and higher energy bills is a good sign that it’s time to replace your heating and air conditioning system.


Smart thermostats can increase the comfort of your home while using less energy. Smart thermostats can be programmed to raise and lower the temperature in your home as needed. You can lower the temperature while you work in winter and bring your home to a comfortable temperature before returning. They are easy to use and can often be programmed using mobile devices or a remote control. Modern thermostats tend to be more reliable too.


We tend to make changes to our homes to improve their comfort. HVAC systems that do not work efficiently reduce this comfort. You end up using more money to be comfortable in your own space.

Older heating and cooling systems usually have single-speed fans that only have an on/off switch. High fan speeds are ideal for very hot or cold days. Unfortunately, they cannot work as well in more moderate outside temperatures.

Many newer devices have variable speed fans. This type of device better regulates the amount of air, whether heated or cooled, that is blown into your home. It can automatically move up or down as needed to make your home more comfortable. When your home’s temperature reaches the preset temperature, controlled speeds will help maintain the temperature longer.


The health of your family is the top priority. With an older HVAC system, mold sometimes grows in the unit and air ducts. This poses a risk to your health and that of your family. Mold and other airborne particles can worsen symptoms of conditions such as asthma. Older systems are also prone to refrigerant leaks. Upgrading your HVAC system ensures that the dangers of an old, worn out system no longer exist.

If you have health concerns for your family, why not give us a call for an indoor air quality test? If you’re not happy with the results, consider our whole-home air purification and filtration systems, including UV germicidal lamps. We also offer pipe repair and replacement services to keep your air clean and efficient.


When switching to a new air conditioner, saving money is a key priority. We are usually afraid to update our systems because we think it will cost too much. Depending on the model, federal, state, and local governments may offer tax refunds and other incentives that you can take advantage of. When upgrading to an energy efficient model, be sure to save all your paperwork and follow these money-saving programs.

Depending on your system, HVAC companies may offer financing programs. Some offer convenient financing plans that allow you to save on energy costs now and pay for the system over time. This non-profit bank is dedicated to making households in our region more energy-efficient.


When it comes to HVAC equipment, choosing the right type and size of unit impacts your comfort level and energy use. Devices that are too small or too large waste energy and affect your comfort. Your old system may no longer meet the needs of your home. This applies if you have made any additions or other major renovations. Even mature landscaping can change the demands of your air conditioning and heating system.

When it’s time to upgrade, a professional should perform the necessary calculations to ensure that the system installed in your home is the right type and size. Our highly trained experts will inspect your home to find out the best HVAC system to invest in to ensure you save money.


Proper installation of the HVAC system will affect or impair its proper functioning. Trust a specialist company when converting to a new air conditioning and heating system. A poorly installed system may not function properly or efficiently. It could also void the warranty. Repairing a poorly installed HVAC system can be expensive. When choosing a company, choose one with years of experience and highly qualified professionals who will ensure you get what you pay for.


People usually wonder when is the right time to update their device. Some signs that it’s time to replace your device are:

If your air conditioner is ten or more years old, or if you have the above symptoms, it is wisest to replace it. Newer systems are designed for efficiency and certified to ensure they reduce emissions and use less energy.

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